Coloquio 2022 – AI RAI

Ph.D. Eloy Álvarez Pelegry

Academic of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain

Secretary General the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI) of Spain. Fellow of the RAI since 2012.

Dr. Álvarez received his PhD in Mining from the Higher Technical School for Mining of Madrid (ETSIMM). He holds a bachelor`s Degree in Economics and Business from the Complutense University, and a Diploma in Business Studies from the London School of Economics with merit.

His career has been devoted to the field of energy. He has a long executive career at Union Fenosa in Spain where, among other posts, he has been deputy general director for Environment, R and D and Quality and Director of Planning and Economics.  He began his career at Electra de Viesgo and later worked for Enagás and Carelec where he has been deputy director.

 He has been Secretary General at Union Fenosa Gas; Sole Administrator at the photovoltaic plant of Toledo PV, and member of various Board of Directors companies in electricity and gas.

He has had a parallel career in the academic field as an associate Professor at the Higher Technical School for Mining of Madrid (1990-2003), the Complutense university (1988-1990). He has been also Director of the Energy Chair of Orkestra, at Deusto University (2010-2017). He was an Academic Director in the Spanish Energy Club.

 He is member of the Energy Platform of Euro-CASE and of various associations in Spain, such as the Spanish Engineering Institute, The Elcano Royal Institute and the Spanish Energy Club.

 He is author and co-author of various books, chapters of books and papers, dealing with a range of topics relative to electricity, gas, and mobility; from the points of view of technology, environment, regulation and economics.

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