Coloquio 2022 – AI RAI

Dr. Emiliano López Atxurra

Presidente de PETRONOR

Law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Lawyer specialized in
Community law, energy and infrastructures. Master’s degree in International Studies from the
Institute of Political Studies of Paris.

Corporate Responsibilities:

– Chairman of Petronor (2015- )
– Chairman of Ibil (electric vehicle recharging company), a company in which Repsol and Ente Vasco Energia
by Repsol and Ente Vasco de Energía (2011- )
– Chairman of Energía Distribuida del Norte (EDINOR) (2021- )
– External Board Member of Repsol (2021- )

Other responsibilities

– Member of the Executive Committee of Innobasque (Basque Innovation Agency).
– Member of the Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Board attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Ministry of Science and Innovation.
– Member of the Board of the Basque Institute of Competitiveness (2006- )
– Trustee of the Real Instituto Elcano (2017- ).
– Trustee of the Novia Salcedo Foundation (2012- ).
Founder of the law firms:
– IBK & LBR. Specialized in Community Law, Infrastructures, Energy and Environment.
Environmental Law. Advising PDGs and CEOs and strategic management of sensitive projects.
– CFI. International Finance Consultants. Consulting firm specialized in international financing
international financing of export operations and international business implementation.
– DPA. Development and Environmental Protection. Consulting firm specialized in Environmental Law and
Environmental Strategy. Special focus on MSW and Integrated Environmental Authorizations.
Integrated Environmental Authorizations.
– EF, International & Strategy. Company focused on strategic advice to
Presidency or executive management of companies.
– President of Euro Defi AIE-Spain, until 2005. European Network of European Firms and
European Auditors. Special relationship with Ricol Lasterye, Paris.

Experience in corporate governance.

– Independent Director of Gas Natural and GNF (2003/2016).
– Director of Sareb (2012/2016).
– Independent Director of BBK Bank/Caja Sur (2010/2012).
– Secretary Director of Inmobiliaria Provincial de Gipuzkoa (1988/1992).
– Director of Caja de Ahorros Provincial de Gipuzkoa, Kutxa (1988/1991).

Academic Activity

He has given and gives different courses and conferences on energy, community strategy, network infrastructures,…
community strategy, network infrastructures,…and urban policies at: University of the Basque Country,
University of Deusto, University of Santiago, University of Vigo, University of Bordeaux,
University of Pau, Autonomous University of Barcelona, National Institute of Public Administration, Basque Institute of Public Administration, Basque Institute of Public Administration…
Public Administration, Basque Institute of Public Administration, IESE, ESADE, INSEAD, Real Instituto Elcano,

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