Coloquio 2022 – AI RAI

Ph.D. Juan Luis López Cardenete

Extraordinary Professor at IESE

  • Civil Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. MBA from IESE, University of Navarra.

  • He is an Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Strategic Management at IESE. He was CEO of Unión Fenosa and president of Unión Fenosa Internacional, a company in the energy sector, which he joined in 1976 and where he developed his professional career until 2009 in the areas of generation, fuels, planning, control, strategy, marketing, commercialization and distribution and transportation networks.

  • He is currently a board member of Acciona Energía, OMEL and advisor to Ithaka. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Expansión, of the Energy and Climate Change working group of the Real Instituto Elcano, as well as of the editorial boards of Papeles de Energía of Funcas, of Cuadernos de Energía of Enerclub and of the group of Diálogos de Energía y Sostenibilidad of the Universidad de Comillas.

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