Coloquio 2022 – AI RAI

Ph.D. Luis Lada Díaz

Vice President of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain

Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1972) and Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering (2006), of which he is currently Vice President.

He has spent most of his professional career at the Telefónica Group, which began in 1973 at its Center for Research and Studies. In 1984 he reached the maximum technical responsibility of the Company and after a stage (1989-1993) as General Director of Grupo AMPER, S.A., he rejoined Telefónica as head of its Group of Subsidiaries and Investees. In 1994 he was appointed Executive Chairman of Telefónica Móviles España, S.A.U., and in 2000 of Telefónica Móviles, S.A., Director of Telefónica, S.A., and member of its Executive Committee, having also been Executive Chairman of Telefónica de España, S.A.U., before his departure from the Group in 2006.

He has been a Director of dozens of other technological, industrial and service companies in Spain and other countries, Independent Consultant and member of the management of several Professional Associations and Foundations, as well as Ministerial Advisory Councils, having received various distinctions.

Currently, he is Non-Executive Chairman of Banco Inversis, S.A.

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